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Play is a vital way for children to gain a sense of belonging and a feeling of accomplishment.  We want to make our goal of promoting inclusive, free play for all children achievable and realistic, especially for our high school volunteers. 


Therefore, 50 Red Swings will focus on spreading the presence of Level 3 Accessible Playgrounds with Universally Accessible Swings.  Playgrounds with universally accessible swings will allow unimpeded access to the swing(s) and provide at least one universally accessible swing.  These playgrounds may not necessarily have ramped play equipment. 


Our swing of choice will be the Jenn Swing,  a full body swing that can be used by all children from toddlers to school aged children weighing up to 125 pounds.  The swing is designed for children with movement  limiting disabilities.  It is also used for children with autism spectrum disorders who find the swinging motion soothing and exhilarating.  JennSwing is designed to meet the American Disabilities Act guidelines for playground equipment in public recreation applications.

Advantages of JennSwing

  • When a JennSwing is placed in a playground, it  means kids with disabilities can do more than  watch, they can participate.

  • JennSwing has a comfortable seat and is able to allow the child to be lifted onto and quickly strapped in.  It has a body embracing design and adjustable safety harness.  

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