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Are you a high school student interested in joining the 50 Red Swings movement?

We are proud to announce that Bluegrass Playgrounds will be our product supplier of the Jenn Swings and thier support frames.  They are providing us with the best pricing online

50 Red Swings is acknowledged and supported by Sports Play Equipment, Inc., the owner and manufacturer of JennSwing® playground equipment.



Jenn Swing ADA Seat  $407 plus freight.


 Freight is estimated at approximately 30% of total product cost.


Support System

ADA Swing Frame with To/Fro Hangers $794 plus freight*


 Freight is estimated at approximately 30% of total product cost.



Installation cost will vary by playground.  We will work with the local playground candidate to determine installation fees and requirements before entering into a donation agreement. 

Let's Make A Difference

Here are some ways you can help 50 Red Swings:

In Person

Interested in bringing 50 Red Swings to your local community?  

Email us at


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone


Please call us to discuss your ideas on how to help 50 Red Swings achieve its mission 


Call Us : 423-521-1738 


Join Our Honor Roll!

With special thanks to the following individuals and organizations that have inspired or supported 50 Red Swings: Dr. Amanda Lowery, Ms. Ingam Carpenter, Ms. Amy Tarr, Mr. Stephen Jackson, Ms. Elin Bunch, Friendship Circle, Manhattan Children's Center, Mary's Magical Place, Mr. Ricky Margolin, Ms. Lena Corbo, Mr. Dakota Wagner, Ms. Kelli Spinalli, Mr. John Coffelt, Mr. Andy Fazio, Mr. Bryan McIlwee, Mayor Keith Kazmark, Ms. Jeana Johnson, The Block Family and of course every single one of our generous donors!

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